The Poarch Creeks



12 Weeks


About the Course

Despite the removal effort, several Creek families in the Tensaw community were able to escape expulsion during the Trail of Tears. Those who had been loyal to the U.S. government or had worked as scouts and traders were allowed to remain and were awarded land grants. William Weatherford (Red Eagle), who played a prominent role in the Creek War, was among those who stayed. Another who remained was Lynn McGhee. Because the government had sold his original homestead, McGhee was granted new parcels of land in Escambia County, Alabama, an act that would prove providential to our current day Tribe. Those allowed to retain their original land included the families of Moniac (Manac), Hollinger, Sizemore, Stiggins, Bailey, Colbert, Semoice, Marlow, Gibson and Smith.

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Sandra Pykes/RiverStone

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Sandra Pykes/RiverStone